waking words, part II

Today I awoke saying the words "the cinnamon and blood"... 
"Cutting, peeling away"— thats where I'm going to go with the interpretation... Discuss.
I have a definite but very sporadic history of waking up saying something out loud. Last time I wrote about this I had said the words "four out of five birds use wings". (see below)

One time a few years ago I had an early morning coinage— the annoying compound word “lipsmitten.” Spelling, pronunciation, meaning
was clear to me: One word. Lipsmitten. It meant enjoying the sound of a word, independent and regardless of its meaning. Ironically, I have to say I didnt like the sound or the look of "lipsmitten"; I had disappointed myself. It's "clever" in an obvious, facile way. The word "smitten" is irritating, and the assonance of the i's is dopey. The most intriguing aspect to me about the incident was the sense that "lipsmitten" sounded like a translation into English of a foreign term. As if English were my second (dreaming) language. Perhaps a clue is that I have always loved the peculiar specificity of German terms for nuanced psychological states and philosophical dilemma. 'Lipsmitten' sounds German to me (audio: "lip • shmitt'n") and although I dont know any German, perhaps I made my own translation.

Images: "Blood"-a photo I swiped from somewhere years ago without proper attribution. Sorry if it is yours; cinnamon cutting, Science Photo Library; cinnamon tree by wonk gone wild; cinnamon bark; Dodo skeleton, Michael Sporn; Clairvoyance Rene Magritte self-portrait, 1936; Cassowary Jean-Baptiste Oudry, 1745; Young Girl Eating a Bird Magritte, 1927

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