Imre Reiner's expressive line

Worth, Paris, c 1940 reproduced in "Lettering of Today" from Flickr: Depression Press
imre reiner

Symphonie typeface by Imre Reiner, 1938. photo by Simon Robertson
Corvinus (European name)/Skyline (American name) typeface by Imre Reiner, 1932-35
Gotika by Imre Reiner, 1934, available digitally as Leather (below) by Canada Type
How is it I just now stumbled upon Hungarian designer Imre Reiner (1900-1987)? A few weeks ago I bought a copy of Graphis magazine from 1946 that featured his hand lettering on the cover and fell in love. Decorative, spidery, scratchy, naive-- there's something about this that I'm really drawn to (see earlier post on mid-century line art). I was surprised to learn the artist of these loose, experimental... mischievous letterforms was also the designer of the sleekly moderne Corvinus Skyline, created for Conde Nast in the early 1930s, among other faces I recognize. His modern blackletter, Gotika, has a beautiful geometric-medieval flourish.

This (fun) digital face Tokay by Elsner and Flake appears
I'm just sayin'.

most images from my new copies of Modern and Historical Typography, and Grafika-Modern Design for Advertising and Printing

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