Rockaway Frolics II

Two friends and I explored more of Rockaway yesterday
(Mack Sennett Comedy girls, 1917
We found 86th Street beach a bit more genteel
The facilities were pretty good!
We had delicious hamburgers, beers, and even a glass of rosé from Rippers.

(Brighton Beach 1900)

 Police and National Parks Security patrolled periodically
(Sea Breeze beach, Florida, about 1905)
There were more food choices at 96th Street but it was a little crowded
(Atlantic City, 1900)
click for LARGE image! 1923

There were some crazy-looking people!
I wish I'd covered up more— I got a burn.
(Fashion show at Rockaway, 1913. Click for LARGE image! )
We searched for some original bungalows.
There were a few, but most were in sad shape
(Rockaway Bungalows, 1910)

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Anonymous said...

oh lord, these are fabulous Angela. Alas, the "larger" images are not nearly large enough for me, as I have a real thing for panoramic groups, an want more more more detail. You should come visit portland sometime, and I'll show you my 1920's costumers convention group...



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