age 15-16: a playlist

edgier selections

I remember hearing this on the John Peel Show while in London. I never owned their record
I still think she's extraordinary

sillier selections

I think they hold up for me. Really fun, and their schtick was amazingly thorough.

Another John Peel Show find that, for me, existed on homemade cassette only. 

Not having a good day today, so I decided to seek comfort by regressing and spent the last few hours rifling through Youtube. I did this once before and posted with a slightly earlier playlist. I have to say my music tastes in those years (12-14) were pretty damn impressive, but by this age (15-16), having already given up on the Clash, I was starting to succumb to questionable choices. But, hey, anything's interesting 30 years on, from an anthropological point of view at least. I went down hill from here, falling precipitously in college (eg. Thompson Twins, Scritti Politti).

Reading list: The Face (a brilliant magazine, nothing like it in the US at the time), New Musical Express, and I-D once in a while. Wish I still had those magazines...


male said...

. . . ello from mal E
ephemeral-male (downunder)
I gifted all my ID Magazines, Face & Interview Magazines to the local QUT - Fashion department: creative industries.
re-cycle eye say!

angela said...

Hey Mal

Good for you! I think mine just ended up in the bin. But I think the Face would have been great to have as a boxed set: the Adolescent Years.


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