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The Cary Collection at the Rochester Institute of Technology is one of this country's foremost libraries on the history and practice of printing, with holdings comprising bookbinding, papermaking, type design, calligraphy and book illustration. It includes a substantial archive documenting the work of type and book designer Hermann Zapf.

Unfortunately there's not much to see online– and what is there is not of much interest to me: incunabula, a few densely floriated initial caps, a page from an 18th century type specimen by "William Calson, Letter-Founder", a few pages of Eric Gill... Feh.

Surprisingly, what I liked best, and what brought me to the site, were these images from the RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press shop. Notecards and postcards are very inexpensive (Why didnt I know about this before Christmas?) and there's even a nice-looking set of Lester Beall WPA poster cards
Examples shown here are available as cards: lettering from a French sign painters manual 1903, and some exquisite specimens from an American wood type and ornament catalog 1874.

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