Highlights from the Collection

Although I haven't featured it in a while, I feel its time to highlight "Highlights from the Collection," a sporadic series of posts focusing upon some object, or series thereof, chosen from amongst the piles (the Collection) in my apartment. A spotlight thrown on things curious, resonant, or engaging in their unremarkableness.

In truth, a friend sent me a link to this irresistible blog of a collection-a-day–maddening in its simple curated appeal– and I became very envious. So why not start hauling out my stuff again as well? Past "Highlights" have included old library cardspostcards of questionable merit, a creepy family and sacred snakes of India, among other items...

Herewith, three new highlights at one time: 
At top, a group of what I believe are implements for "tatting", a type of loose decorative crochet work (image of tatting specimens, 1870). I bought these in Covent Garden antique market (London) but have no idea if they're truly old or right off the boat from India. I do think they're bone, not plastic, as I can see some graining. They're small and delicate and feel good in the hand.
Next, a random group of some of my wooden and leather buttons. I no longer remember anything about where I purchased them.
Lastly, two (human?) teeth, small, child-sized, wrapped in wire, fashioned into vaguely shamanistic pendants, found as-is, on my street.

[tatting specimen image from schmetterlingtag/ebay.


Sophie Munns said...

How fabulous Angela!
Love those buttons... somehow I imagine your apartment holds much more like these splendid collections.

angela said...

Thank you Sophie!
I'll post some more buttons


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