'return to angelica'

Robert Warner's ephemera collage art show at Pavel Zoubok gallery.
A wonderful display of vintage what-not and obscure commercial flotsam, expertly assembled.

There's Robert, who cleans up very well, out of "costume"--second row, right.

Lots of picture taking going on. (Samantha, at left, has an exceptionally keen eye and does the most unusual and hilarious things with fabric, beading, embroidery.)
In the background, at right, is "double Doody" (as in Howdy), which sold before the show even opened, to a man "covered in tattoos."

There was one very cute dog in attendance and one ridiculous pair of shoes.
A good time.


Carol said...


Next best thing to being there!

The answer to "what is this?" is

Carol in Venice

Paige said...

WOW Uncle Bob, this site is amazing, and this is just wonderful, my favorite art is collage, this is just so wonderful!! I miss you lots, and just wanted to tell you I am so proud of you for doing this, just from the site it looks absolutely amazing!! I am coming to New York in April, maybe I would see you there,I am going wit my school, but anyways congrats on this, your such a great guy and I am so very proud to be able to say your my uncle!! GO BOBBY!!!

With love...Paige..IN ANGELICA!!!

angela said...

I'll forward your message to "Uncle Bob"!


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