Greetings from Anywhere

Souvenir, according to the dictionary, is something that serves as a reminder: a memento from the French: the act of remembering.
What is a souvenir from a non-place?
This is from my collection of generic postcards, scenes that are labeled "Dextone Beauty Scene," as though 'Dextone' conjured the very leaves, or, in this case,"A Ride in The Country." (Actually a road in the country.)

"The Country."

"Greetings from Somewhere I'm not Usually."

The back is imprinted with "Greetings from Holcottsville, NY" although Margaretville, Shandaken, or any other quaintly named upstate town may be selling the same scene.
I did, in fact, buy this card in Holcottsville so it is a souvenir but I couldn't really describe the town though--I don't remember it at all.

And now I'm going away for the weekend.


David Zaza said...

Currently, my favorite postcards are those of the World Trade Center (the one destroyed five years ago) that are for sale in all the tourist shops in NYC. Not exactly fitting into the category of "Greetings from Somewhere I'm not usually" (but not not that too)--but definitely snug in the category of a reminder, a memento.

angela said...

Yes I dont know why I didnt start collecting World Trade Center stuff-- plastic bags, cards, bad logos...

Maybe it was the "eye fatigue" or "commodity fatigue" syndrome I get when I'm on a trip. I see something interesting, but see it everywhere, and think, "well, its not that special-- its everywhere," then regret not having it once I've left the scene of the "glut."


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