shady business

Yesterday, Robert and I braved searing midday sun and muddled activist foment in Grand Army Plaza, doing our part to flesh out the slightly disappointing (as of about 2:45-ish) crowd at the Develop Don't Destroy anti- Ratner rally. Robert was generally game; I hollered and razzed at the appropriate moments, and bought a button. We signed lists, commiserated a bit with other outraged but heat-stricken neighbors, took some fliers and then fled to shadier areas to rest and review the literature. The brochure has the obvious but effective juxtaposition of Gehry-Ratner waking nightmare and
leafy Prospect Heights streetscape. But wait--what's this? Inexplicably, someone at DDD actually thought it would be a good idea to up the contrast between the two scenarios by Photoshopping in more trees. There's even a stray bit of cloned building hovering, wraithlike, in the air (circled). Didn't we all just go through the outrage over Ratner's fudged renderings and deceptive advertorials? "Which of these is your Brooklyn?" Evidently neither!

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