dreaming in translation

I woke up the other day saying, “lipsmitten.” It was absolutely clear to me: spelling, pronunciation, meaning. One word. Lipsmitten. It means enjoying the sound of a word, independent and regardless of its meaning. As an aside, I have to say I dont actually like the sound or the look of "lipsmitten." (I find the word "smitten" irritating, and the assonance of the i's is dopey)

So why or how I coined this particular word is a psychological mystery. And irony.

Even more intriguing to me is the sense that "lipsmitten" sounds like its the translation into English of a foreign term. As if English were my second (dreaming) language. A possible clue is that in an earlier post I mentioned wanting a German term for "obvious but insightful" and of course 'lipsmitten' sounds german (cue audio: "lip • shmitt'n"). But I know no real German, only Germanesque terms used as comic asides or pidgin Germanesque ("Guinea Porken"). I am preoccupied by English's (?) dearth of terms for psychological/philosophical/verbal nuances, so maybe i just made up my own. "Yah, Gut!"

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