recent acquisitions and Rewards of Merit

An early big letter "Greetings From" postcard.
It's postmarked 1935 but the bathing beauties featured within the letters, below, show
that the design is at least 12-15 years older.

The Woolworth Building, featured on this very early "Greetings From" postcard, dates it to 1913 or after.

"Reward of Merit for Ready Obedience to Orrilla (?) Reed".
Note touches of hand coloring.
Chromolithographed reward with metallic silver ink
Rewards of Merit were tokens of recognition for good behavior given to students by teachers.
Popular throughout the 18th and 19th century, by the 20th century I think "official" rewards had been downgraded to "gold star". They are a good source of contemporary imagery and printing techniques. The earliest rewards were virtually always religious. Many 18th and early 19th century rewards were printed or engraved in black and then hand colored, while later they became showy fillips of chromolithography, like the specimen above..

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Anonymous said...

What a great find that Old Orchard postcard is! The typeface, with bottom heavy "O"s, looks so psychedelic 60's.Special bonus, do you think that could be a still from a Fatty Arbuckle short in the "M"?


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