Calling all Invalid Ladies

Burdock Blood Bitters
"There are thousands of females in America who suffer untold miseries from
chronic diseases common to their sex. This is due largely to the peculiar
habits of life and fashion, and the improper training of girlhood...
All Invalid Ladies
should send for our Special Circular addressed to
Ladies Only, which treats on a subject of vital importance."

"This 'safe' remedy contains over 19 percent of alcohol, with only 4.85 percent of solids (nearly half of which is sugar), and alkaloids possibly derived from hydrastis. The amount of vegetable extractives is small, certainly not enough to give the results claimed. "From the composition reported, and also from the name of the stuff, it appears to be one of the nostrums of the old 'blood purifier' type. Such products, as you know, are useless, as they do not purify the blood.'"–  the CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Journal, 1937
It will positively cure deafness in 2 days.
Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil was first produced by Dr. S.N. Thomas of Phelps, New York in the late 1840s and reportedly contained “Spirits of Turpentine, Camphor, Oil of Tar, Red Thyme and Fish Oil specially processed.” It was marketed until the 1950s.
"GRODER'S DYSPEPSIA SYRUP Cures the System. A BROKEN DOWN ENGINE is like the human system, stricken with disease. Nine tenths of all our diseases arise from the stomach, because the stomach is Nature's Boiler Room where the steam (the blood) that moves the human machinery is really made. Keep the stomach in good order by the use of GRODER'S DYSPEPSIA SYRUP, and the machinery will run smoothly.”

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