documenting the light

light through old glass 2
light patterns filtered through distorted old glass panes in my apartment.
This looks slightly diseased in a still image. See video below
I find the light effects kind of mesmerizing.
Music: Brooklyn
musician Jonas Asher aka Grasslung– Too Tired to Remember
watery view through old glass
the slightly watery view through 125+ year old glass.

particularly hectic light effect on a mirror frame
Music: Yo La Tengo —Dont Have to be So Sad

I've always thought the light in my apartment pretty special. It's not wildly bright but rather has a progressive luminosity that makes its way around the (small) space from NE to SW over the course of the day. Its varied intensities from indirect sunrise glow to full late afternoon radiance are something I've never tired of. The apartment is the front of a corner brownstone so I have 2-1/2 exposures: front, side, and the projecting bay window giving me a partial additional angle East. The windows are all original, c.1885, and the glass is noticeably distorted. Ripples, slumps and tiny pinhead bubbles in the panes subtly alter the view so that everything appears slightly underwater. These imperfections also goad the light coming in into sporadic dancing fits on the walls and ceiling. I decided, after 17 years in the space, to finally document the light. So indulge me.

Addendum: I noticed someone linked to me from an Old House forum. Homeowners and renovators: I *love* my old windows. The side panes on the bay window are curved glass; the center panel is extra wide. The frames are unpainted, original finished wood– in bad shape. But even though they're literally crumbling in places, they work incredibly smoothly on weighted chains. Bottom and top panes can literally be lifted and lowered with 2 fingers.


male said...

I like those movies, Barb got caught in light and reflections and the iPhone memory is exhausted,
BH is away with the device also,more later . . .
mal E (downunder

angvou said...

Thanks Mal!

I've been distracted and having a tough time—— havent responded to some of the things you've posted. I was having trouble composing the next post which was to have been about a book, then a Titanic story, so finally I was like f*ck it! I'll just talk about the nice light!! :-)

zameander said...

Love this. Love it even more now that I know it was artful procrastination. I also love -- and am always distracted by -- the light that moves through our wee west Coast casita:

angvou said...

you are too kind Z! RE: procrastination-- you'd think all those years in the making the product might have been a bit more polished... but I did enjoy experimenting with iMovie for the first time!


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