Saulorme chair
Moiste chair
limited edition mirror for Couturelab
two images above, Elle Decor Spain
Tactoris commode, 2008
image by Diane Pernet— from her wonderful fashion world blog
image by Diane Pernet
he also does sculpture in bisque for Sevres!
black painted cotton rope and raffia on wood
cotton rope on wood with gold leaf (I believe)
I just read a wonderful piece on the New York Times T style site about artist Christian Astuguevieille. I'd never heard of him before but I now believe I love him. Except for the fact that he is perhaps a tad senior for me, is in another country, and is gay—he's my ideal man. He is a furniture designer, sculptor, collector, and the "nose" behind many of the intriguing fragrances produced by Comme des Garçons. (I have Avignon, from the Incense series, described as Gothic, "tapestries imbued with centuries of incense... with an almost eye-smarting, gloriously smoky and resinous heart") As a bonus, he seems partial to crisp white shirts (nice!) and his house in the south west of France appears to be fairly enchanting as well.

“Altering and deforming the original use of things is important to me.” Astuguevieille's work is informed by Japanese wabi-sabi (which I've briefly touched on a couple times before) and furoshiki (the art of wrapping objects in cloth bundles), but also tribal and cycladic forms. Now I'd like to know how to correctly pronounce his name.
see more at
Franziska Kessler gallery and Holly Hunt

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