Greek specials

"(To) Asclepius and Hygeia, Tyche gives thanks"
pair of eyes, bronze, marble, quartz, obsidian, c. 400 BC carved marble shell, c.400 BC
akroterion, or architectural decorative device, c. 350 BC
bronze statue of a man, c 100 BC
bronze horse, c. 700BC
terracotta statuette of a siren, c 500BC
cuirass, c 300BC
Terracotta keras (drinking horn) in the form of a lobster claw
Archaic drinking cup, c. 550BC
limestone votive ear with earring, Cypriot, c. 300BC
Herewith, a few atypical Greek artifacts—no white marble youths, no urns, no parthenons. The Ancients obviously had creativity, sensitivity, and humor. What is going on with those people today? (I'm Greek so I'm allowed to say "those people"). Greeks have always squabbled amongst themselves (viz. Sparta<-->Athens) but with the entire European Union doing a face-palm over Greece and her debts I just hope they can get it together.

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