Underground uncovered

A disused section of the Notting Hill Gate tube station in London, walled off since about 1958-59, was recently uncovered during maintenance and construction. The area is a former elevator passageway which was blocked after escalators were installed. The advertising posters are more colorful and evocative of their time than one could even hope for. In fact, if I were a set designer and I did this I would probably think, "Hmm this is trying too hard to be 'period.'"
Photos by Mikey Ashworth for the London Underground (see more on his Flickr page)

Although this happened quite a few months ago I've only now just found out, courtesy Sam Markham, a
friend with incredible scouting skills.

This made me think about my post about my collection of dry cleaning posters... the art work used currently is typically 25-30 years out of date.

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Joey said...

Great post. I love time capsules!


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