the world of threads

If someone said "thread cards" to you would you know what they were? I suppose everyone is so crafty these days you probably would. I stumbled across these enchanting objects from the French company Maison Sajou, purveyors of ciseaux, merceries, and ouvrages de dames (scissors, thread I believe, and "ladies' works" or fancy work). The threads and sewing notions are presented in several different lines of exquisite reproduction packaging ("There are other models to discover in this collection: Daoulas, Crozon, Camaret, Guilvinec, Bénodet, Plyben and Pontivy.") Owner Frederique Crestin-Brillet has written an illustration-packed publication about collectible haberdashery items which "concentrates uniquely on the world of threads in all their forms." Amazing that all this and far more would have been commonly traded—filling sewing baskets, tossed into drawers, never given more than passing notice. Oh, to think of all the small things we've lost track of.

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Sophie Munns said...

just exquisite Angela!
I have to return when not so busy... Oh...I d like to link to this...


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