the song remains the same–for now

While there is absolutely no guarantee that, after over 14 years, I might be moving, it has become a distinct possibility. And suddenly I was overcome with nostalgia for a space that I still inhabit. Suddenly the walls and windows became very precious. This small apartment has soothed me and contained me in volatile combination; it is at the same time active expression and shell. I've pondered some of this "tyranny of things" before.

I took these photos over a year ago, and some things have changed since then, but then again, its all the same.

the woodwork is notable

refrigerator close-up

the view

my cat is of mercurial temper


Anonymous said...

yes...the woodwork is notable

Molly said...

Such a sweet space, but it trails with you... the bits that are you will come along.

Frank said...

a charming living space. i would never leave the house.

angela said...

thanks Frank.

>i would never leave the house.
Sometimes it feels like I don't

sew nancy said...

love your living room
i think i have been back to look at it 3 x. i especially love the wall hangings + the black child dress

Robert Arvanitis said...

We are of equal parts - to nest, and to explore.


The "Fra go nard" gave me pause for a moment; looked like a Gaelic saying.

Cha d’dhùin doras nach d’fhosgail doras.
No door ever closed, but another opened.

Carol said...

I love your space, and your kitty. But what's with the "5" in the kitchen?

Carol in Venice

Traveller said...

You also love iceland, and I love the kitty photo:)

angela said...

Bob- thank you-- I like that gaelic very much.

Carol- the "5" is in the kitchen cause the "2" was already in the bedroom. Ha!

Everyone likes Winkle!

angela said...

Oh and Sew Nancy-- Thanks very much
the child's dress is actually a velvet coat. Its difficult to make out but its a dark maroon velvet with a Robin's egg blue cloth lining.
I think I should do a post on it-- its one of my favorite things.

jul said...

Bravo so good and chic interior. Thnaks to share this!

P R I M O E Z A said...

i am in love with your apartment

angela said...

Well a Post Script to all-- 5 months later i am still here!
thanks for nice feedback Jul, Primoeza, et al.


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