Highlights from the Collection (part 8)

part of an ongoing series, from my storage to your screen.

Since I haven't gone anywhere this summer, chained as I am to my computer, I thought I'd feature this little tourist booklet of photographs I picked up recently. A souvenir from someone's vacation, sometime in the 1940s, it shows the Cote d'Azur surely not as they experienced it, but as they wanted to remember it being.

Smaller than a business card, I think it was the size, at a diminutive 2 x 3", that clinched the sale of these "photos-bijoux." Attractively hand tinted, the b/w images are actually quite sharp (see detail, above).

Details of note:
• eccentric Deco-ish lettering
• scalloped edging (a phenomenon which I've queried before, if anyone has any info to share)
• gold edge-finishing, an unexpectedly luxe touch
• a delicate glasseine fly sheet, difficult to see in the third row, left

Now if we could only go enjoy a Gauloise and glass of Kina Lillet over ice.


Michael Leddy said...

As I was reading, I was thinking of a deckle edge. I forgot about scalloped edges on photographs. But I remember scalloped photos as having a uniform pattern to their edges (like a pattern made with special scissors). Maybe European photos were done differently?

Remarkable to see how much care went into making the pages of that booklet. It's like a Joseph Cornell production.

Anonymous said...

Hello Angela, I`ve been meaning to post some things since your last photos from London and the mention of St.Pancras station, etc. Good to see you know of Simon Bradley`s book on St.Pancras station; I don`t know what it is like but it looks good.

I bought 'Building St Paul's', by James W.P. Campbell (from the very good publisher Thames and Hudson), a few weeks ago and it has had better reviews than the other recent St.Paul`s book, 'The Phoenix...'. Highly recommended.

A London book you may like: 'London Compendium' by Ed Glinert; from 2004, but slightly out of date already. You can imagine the amount of change London`s street go through in a short period of time. Highly recommended for London history buffs.

'Britain`s Lost Cities', by Gavin Stamp is excellent. A lot of good photographs but not cheap (£25). Not only did the Luftwaffe do a good job of destroying some old buildings but post war local planners had a good go at getting rid of some wonderful buildings.

Good link here, discussing the book. Good photos of The Royal Arch in Dundee...


Then there is 'Bloody Old Britain', by Kitty Hauser; a biography of OGS Crawford, who pioneered aerial photography to assist archaeologists. Good photographs in this as well. Review from Current Archaeology...


Just one more before I go link crazy!...


Cheers, Matt (the New York loving Brit).


Anonymous said...

The Cote D'Azur piece looks a little more regular than deckeled.

Interesting process at: http://www.inkjetart.com/cart/handling-storage-deckled-edge-tools-c-823_835_836.html


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