How Did I Get Here (part 2)

I transcribe verbatim
Google searches that have led people to this blog,
as found on our sitemeter:

Andy Warhol peach slices

morgue slab
sentimental christmas card phrases
naked negresses
impalement eyewitness
rowdy Roman youths
printers aprons
empty Times Square
how a book impressed me
street scenes gossamer
what is olfactory
pictures of inbred people
Every now and then I find people have used Google like some kind of oracle.
My favorite example thus far: "what did Karl Blossfeldt do as a child"

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Poetics of
The Beaufort Wind Scale
(an empirical measure for describing wind velocity, developed in 1805
by Sir Francis Beaufort)
with a nod to Matthew Weingarden
nb: there are many variations in the force descriptions;
I am taking these from several different sources

Sea like a mirror.
Small wavelets, crests glassy,
no breaking
Wind felt on face, leaves rustle
Flags extended
Small waves becoming longer, frequent white horses.
Dust, leaves, and loose paper
Small trees in leaf begin to sway
whistling in telegraph wires, umbrellas are difficult to control.
Wave crests topple,
and roll over.
chimney pots and slates removed. Surface generally white.
Widespread damage.
Widespread damage.

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A tantalizing roster of "psychometrics"
available on the Educational Testing Service web site.
Unfortunately these are accessible only with payment.

Achenbach Lewis Symptom Checklist

Alienation Scale

Awareness of Consequences Scale

Barratt Impulsiveness Scale

Daydreaming Inventory for Married Women

Fetler Self Rating Test

Illinois Index of Self Derogation (Form 3)
Kit of Selected Distraction Tests
Lemire Androgyny Scale

Moral Orientation Device
Rydell-Rosen Ambiguity Tolerance Scale

Self Actualizing Tendencies Test

Style of Mind Inventory Trait Value and Belief Patterns in Greek Roman
and Hebrew Perspectives

Ways of Looking at People Scale

image: kiddie ride, Brooklyn, 2005


* said...

this is beautifully idiosyncratic, escpecially the Beaufort words. always also like to read in catalogues the descriptions of the taste of wine or names for roses etc, or other flowers, even though there is the beauty less randomly and unexpected as in your examples, but in some sense it is the same principle. what did Blossfeldt do as a child is just awesome in its innocence.

angvou said...

Oh yes wine taste descriptions are mind-blowing! Bird names and card games are wonderful-- I listed those a while back. I'm now looking into old fabric names and upholstery terms (how can one resist "bombazine"!)
thanks for your comments!


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