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A small spotlight cast onto to a few of the best blogs I frequent. First installment:
Le Divan Fumoir Bohemien, where I pilfered this beautiful miniature, is a mystery. This is only partially so because it is entirely in French. Even if it were in English I imagine the site would still be suffused in a dreamlike wunderkammer atmosphere. The author gathers striking details from 18th and 19th century paintings, haunting bits of illustration, a series on ribbons, unusual scenes from abroad, a meditation on ice and winter imagery, and sugar glazed flowers...The last post I checked was a brief investigation into the origin of "Happy Birthday to You," prompted by recognizing the passing "notes mécaniques" in the air one night on a trip to Vietnam . The "about" page appears to refer to "Florizel, Prince of Bohemia" and to a Robert Louis Stevenson quote but that really gets one nowhere. I imagine her somewhere between Orlando and Ophelia...


Anonymous said...


...wunderful and delightful...

best regards,


Anonymous said...

most fascinating discourse on things far beyond my current comprehension

Anonymous said...

Dear Angel of Brooklyn

Mille mercis pour ces mots si délicats qui m'ont fait très plaisir!

I'm overjoyed to have discovered your existence and your strangely familiar universe, but sorry not to have found your email address.

Your blog is a gem, and I wish I had all your pages printed like a book to keep them at my bedside.

Some fennel, columbines, rue, daisies and violets for you.

"Best regards" from Paris

Florizelle- AC


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