how did I get here?

Verbatim Google searches that have led people to this blog:
what is olfactory
what is tyranny
london's national treasures a red pillow box
ancient rome street scenes
morgue slab
what did Karl Blossfeldt do as a child
onion skin paper
Love's Baby soft
wow man far out
greetings from anywhere
crystal palace favorite dessert poo recipe

• • • •

On the subject of lists, a beguiling selection of card games:
whist, piquette, cribbage, euchre, pinochle, bezique, canasta, fantan, mah-jongg

and, real-life business names:
Operative Cake Corp., Scientific Foods, Boring Business Systems, Aggressive Glass and Mirror, Dent Hardware, MS Carriers (think on that one a bit, the tagline: "delivering your future")

and also, bird names:
little grebe, cormorant, coot, curlew, whimbrel, magpie, jackdaw, rook, crow, bittern, lapwing, nightjar, thrush, bunting potoo, limpkin, petrel, snipe, shrike, crake, grackle,loon, dotterel, ouzel

Kangaroo, Brooklyn, 2005


Joe said...

I searched for cribbage and got you. All I can say is; "What?!"

Therapy may help.

angela said...

>I searched for cribbage and got you.
Oh,I like that

>Therapy may help.
Not as much as one would hope

Anonymous said...

Angela...my favorite bird is the Bower Bird...I was introduced to this bird by the Father of Correspondence Art , Ray Johnson...you might find this an interesting addition to your bird montage...perhaps...r.w.

MarCheryl said...

My favorite bird name is the Least Bittern.

Cuz I think of saying "I'm not in the Least Bittern."

Say it out loud.

angela said...

Marcheryl: you know MY favorite bird don't you?
Old Speckled Hen, of course!

Though Most Bittern would be good!


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